About Us

Marvi Pharmaceuticals has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and has an impressive list of products. Our therapeutic encompass ranges from Cardiovascular, Respiratory System , Central Nervous System , Anti-Biotic , Anti-Diabetic and General Medicines. The medicines are privileged with the assistance from highly trained staff of domestic sales and marketing divisions which is playing a vital role in attracting strong national market share and establishing our brands in the minds of our local & regionally located customers. We continuously invest on upgrading our information systems which enable us to scientifically grow our business and help the management to have effective control and further improve the efficiency of the organization. In addition to the systems we also strongly believe that people are the most important asset for any organization. We believe in equal employment opportunity and harnessing diversity in our company. We regularly invest in the training and development of our human resource through both internal and external training and development programs.

Chairman’s Message

Chairman Marvi Pharmaceuticals Co., since its establishment, has defined health care as a major component of enhancing human development at large. We strive to bring new technological & industrial breakthroughs to Pakistan, in order to integrate our country into the global arena in terms of high living standards. Today, developed countries rigorously compete in developing the most technologically advanced devices, medicine and products in the pharmaceutical field, which is a great challenge with the current commercial and scientific monopolies. Such advanced countries strive to provide their nations with their needs, enhancing their civilization and convoying the tremendous and fast scientific developments in all aspects of science and life, including pharmaceuticals. Towards the end of the twentieth century, the pharmacological research focused on treating patients, protecting humanity, preventing the spread of infections and epidemics. Thus providing the most effective pharmaceuticals with the minimal side effects Marvi Pharmaceuticals Co. has a well designed and maintained manufacturing facility equipped according the international standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). We are committed to the World Health Organization and Pharmaceutical Industry Standards. Our products have attained a distinguished position initially among similar 35 international products and we are committed to providing high-quality medicines at accessible and affordable prices for patients and healthcare providers. In conclusion, I would like to extend my profound thanks and appreciation to the Pakistani and regional health authorities and professionals as well as our principals abroad for their constant support. Special appreciation goes to all the staff members of Marvi Pharmaceuticals Co, for their loyalty and effective contribution to our success over the years.

Mr. Nizar Fazwani

CEO Message

I have the honor and am proud to welcome you to our website of Marvi Pharmaceuticals Co. It is my immense pleasure to maintain continuous efforts with my profession and the innovation which has lead our brands as one of the well known products available throughout Pakistan. I have provided complete information of each of our products clearly, to understand and meet the necessary requirements of the end user who visits our website. It is my responsibility to assist every member from any walk of life, irrespective of age and color that the medicines are to be effectively recovered from their respective illness. We have no doubt built a strong market share holder in a short course of time. This is because of our products safety, effectiveness and competitively priced and maintanining quality. We have already built a trust with stakeholders pursuing to a fast growing Industry in Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals / Herbal and OTC Products in Pakistan. Our financial supports had never been compromised and as such meeting the demands. We always produce above average supplies whenever the demands are made. Our team leaders are well acquainted in their respective field of knowledge. They are qualified, experienced and experts in their respective fields. I am always anxious and enthusiastic to oversee and review the works with my sole duty being to ensure that the products are beneficial to every end user. One of my responsibilities is to ensure that the research and development should be maintained at all times. Therefore, I have taken initiative steps toward developing and conducting research of latest development in medicines and approaching them as well. This has enhanced our new developments and could provide better healthy environment in our Nation.

I am pleased to express my heartfelt feelings to all stakeholders for their kind and generous support.

Thank you.

M.Siraj Musani

Vision & Mission:

Marvi Pharmaceuticals aspires to be a leading force in the healthcare industry both locally and regionally by providing high quality new and improved medicines and services. We are dedicated to make a difference in people’s lives by understanding, fulfilling and satisfying their unmet medical needs.

We aim to provide innovative, high end products and services that save and improve lives and satisfy customer needs, a place where our employees realize their true potential and create stakeholder value. Our organization is committed to achieve its goals consistently through a performance-driven culture built around Ethics, Trust, Fairness and Responsibility. Marvi’s mission is supported by five pillars – guiding principles that are foundational to our success and future growth. They provide overall direction for the company and the tools necessary to rise to any challenge.